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Introduction (ALC)

Joint Commission Guide for Data Entry of Chart-Abstracted Measures for Assisted Living Community (ALC)
Applicable calendar years:
- 01-01-23 (1Q2023) through 12-31-23 (4Q2023)
- 01-01-24 (1Q2024) through 12-31-23 (4Q2024); as of March 2024

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The Joint Commission’s ORYX® initiative integrates performance measurement data into the accreditation process. ORYX® measurement requirements support Joint Commission accredited organizations in their quality improvement efforts.

For Assisted Living Communities (ALC), reporting of ORYX Performance Measure data to The Joint Commission is:

  • Optional for CY2022 and/or CY2023 – organizations may elect to submit no measure data, some measure data, or all measure data

  • Mandatory for all measures for all four quarters, effective 1/1/2024

See the Measurement section of the external Joint Commission website for more information on chart-abstracted measure reporting requirements for the Assisted Living Communities (ALC) program:


Accredited Assisted Living Communities (ALC) will abstract standardized performance measures and enter their data into the Joint Commission’s Direct Data Submission Platform (DDSP) for accreditation purposes.

Chart-abstracted measure specifications for assisted living organizations are detailed in the Joint Commission’s Specification Manual for Joint Commission Assisted Living Community Quality Measures.

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