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Chart-Abstracted Measures

Table of Contents for all content/ topic areas for Chart-abstracted measures on the DDSP

This content is applicable to Joint Commission ORYX Performance Measurement Chart-Abstracted Measure on the Direct Data Submission Platform for accreditation purposes.

FAQs: Chart-Abstracted Measures (CAM):

Topics Covered in this section:

  • Submission deadlines

  • CAM requirements

  • Data entry guide and specifications information

  • Measure Selections

  • Patient Level Data

  • Using Vendors/Changing Vendors

  • PC attestation (eCQMs instead of CAM)

Data Entry and Submission

Includes a Short Demo for Chart-Abstracted Data Entry, Submission, and Status (duration: 13:55 minutes)
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Topics Covered in this section:

  • Purpose

  • Reference Material

  • Aggregate Data Entry

  • How to Use

    • Accessing the data entry tool

    • Chart-Abstracted Measure Submission’ data entry tool

    • Switch HCO or measure

    • Select a quarter

    • View and Edit data

    • Error Messages

    • Zero attestation of the Initial Population or Denominator

    • View Submission Status

Chart-Abstracted Error Messages

Topics Covered in this section:

  • Error messages which may be generated on the Chart-Abstracted Data Entry page

Chart-Abstracted Measure List

Topics Covered in this section:

  • Chart-Abstracted Measure Submission Opening and Closing Dates

  • Permissions

  • How to Use

Chart-Abstracted Measure Specifications

Topics Covered in this section:

  • Joint Commission Guide for Data Entry of Chart-Abstracted Measures

  • Specification Manual for Joint Commission National Quality Measures

  • Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services' Hospital Outpatient Quality Reporting Specifications Manual 

Chart-Abstracted Measure Known Issues

Topics Covered in this section:

  • Known issues and status’ related to the chart-abstracted measure module

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